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Tequila Combo Pack

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Discover Ambhar Tequila's essence with our new combo pack featuring Anejo, Reposado, and Plata expressions. Indulge in the rich, aged flavors of Anejo, the smoothness of Reposado, and the crispness of Plata, all crafted for discerning connoisseurs. Perfect for gifting or enhancing your own collection, experience the finest in additive-free tequila excellence. Order now and elevate your spirits with Ambhar.


One (1) Bottle - Ambhar Tequila Añejo is a delicately aged tequila, resting in premium whiskey oak barrels for over two years. The extended amount of aging produces its dark amber color and caramel-like notes. This spirit inherits unique flavors of soft and silky mixtures of vanilla and candied citrus peel. Its fuller body makes it a perfect ultra-premium tequila for sipping.

One (1) Bottle - Ambhar Tequila Reposado is an ultra-premium tequila that is perfect for tequila connoisseurs who want a remarkable smoothness. It is rested in premium whiskey barrels for over six months, giving it its pale golden hue. The aging process is timed perfectly to impart a perfect balance of fresh agave, vanilla and salted caramel, making it perfect for sipping or adding it to a premium cocktail.

One (1) Bottle - Ambhar Tequila Plata is an exceptionally clean, silver tequila. Made from the purest form of blue agave, it is mellowed in stainless steel tanks for up to two months and then hand-poured into the distinctive AMBHAR decanter. As a brilliantly pure spirit with salty-sweet aromas of mellowed lime and pineapples, it’s the perfect tequila to mix flawlessly into a favorite cocktail.

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