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Our mission is to spread light, joy, and luck through each and every bottle of hand tailored Artisanal Sipping Tequila we produce. Our deep-rooted belief is that “luck is contagious,” and that luck will spread to every individual that experiences the Ambhar Dragonfly.  
Ambhar is the name of our legacy and the image of perfection. Like the precious gemstone, appreciated for its antiquity and sought out like treasure. 

In an age of mass production, Ambhar marks the return of artisan hand tailored tequila. Born from centuries-old recipes and distilled in small batches from 100% blue agave, Ambhar Tequila has become one of the world's most widely known ultra-premium tequila's. Ambhar is tailored for the distinguishing connoisseur who appreciates and savors the taste of perfection. 

Our process combines only the highest standards of tailor-made tequilas, keeping the ancient recipe and technique that has been passed down through generations, alive.

Our jimadores, farmers specialized in harvesting agave plants, follow the wisdom and expertise passed down through generations to identify exactly when to harvest each agave at ideal maturity. As tradition dictates, all harvesting and preparation is done by hand and the agave hearts are steamed, roasted, mashed and fermented according to ancient recipes.
Ambhar Tequila is women owned and operated by a team of people from all around the world.  
Iqleen Virdi
Iqleen is the first Asian (Indian) American woman to own a Tequila Company. Iqleen brings the vibrancy of her Indian heritage to the history of batch crafted Mexican Tequila. She is the “Dragonfly” of the Ambhar Team, bringing with her luck, joy, prosperity, transformation, change, new beginnings, and fresh starts. 

Iqleen seeks to build bridges from diverse lifestyles across the globe. Leading Ambhar, Iqleen believes in intuitive guidance from our Higher Self as dragonflies in Indian culture are associated with vision and intuition. 
Jaime Celorio
Jaime was introduced to the Agave fields in the purest form of Tequila at age 7 (just a sip). As a native to Mexico and a businessman who has traveled the world, Jaime takes pride in his heritage and introducing people to the proper way to enjoy Tequila, which is to be savored like all fine things, enjoyed slowly so you can bask in the joy of the moment. 
Taisiia Stupak
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Guardian of Agave

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